Client allocation profiles

Client allocation profiles

Client allocation profiles cater for businesses who allocate clients to specific departments or individuals (for example partners in accountancy practice). This profile sets a default team users for a group of clients, which means all communication would be sent from the owner of the allocated group.

Setup client allocation profile

Create a distinct category profile

  • Log in to FACTS online as the primary user.
  • Navigate to "Organisation -> Profiles" at the left bar.
  • Click "Manage profile" at the right task bar.
  • Select "New category".
  • Enter a category name (for example Partners) and select "Distinct group" at Type.
  • Save and Close.
  • Close the manage profile category and click the new category (in this example, "Partners").
  • Close the profile management window.

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Note: A distinct category group allow client membership to one group within the category. For example, this can be used to allocate a group of clients to a partner.

Add distinct profiles

  • Click Add Profile.
  • Enter partner or division name.
  • Click Save & Close.
  • Repeat for each partner or department.

Client allocation profiles

Link team user email to profile

For each distinct group created above:

  • Click the profile name.
  • Navigate to "Profile details" on the left bar.
  • Tick "Emails clients from this group owner".

  • Client allocation profiles
  • Navigate to "Team" on the left bar.
  • At the "Access" column, designate a group owner.

Client allocation profiles

Add distinct profiles sink

A distinct profile sink manages all non-allocated clients for distinct categories. It can be used to allocate new clients to partners or for sets of clients that are not related to the distinct group.

  • Click add Profile.
  • Enter "Not allocated" in the Name field.
  • Select "Distinct sink" in the profile type.
  • Click Save & Close.

Manage client allocation profile

Add client window

  • From the dashboard click "Add Client.".
  • Enter the client details.
  • At "Profiles and Services" select a distinct group.
  • Click any of the save options as required.

Client allocation profiles

Distinct sink profile

  • Navigate to "Organisation" -> Profiles.
  • Navigate to profile category (Partners).
  • Click your sink group (Not allocated).
  • Tick clients to be allocated to groups.
  • Select from "Add selected to" and target a distinct group.

Client allocation profiles

Note: Clients will be added to a distinct group and removed from the sink group.

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