Digital signature - Packaged documents

Packaged multiple documents in a digital signature request (envelope)

FACTS Online support packaging of multiple documents into a single signature request. This feature serves a typical scenario of packaged documents sent to a client or coversheet added to a standard document.

FACTS Online digital signature module accepts PDF and Word files and backed by Global Sign.

How to setup packaged signature request

Signature request starting points are the dashboard, client vault and update setup page.

Signature request from the dashboard

  • Click "Create a signature request".

  • Signature request
  • Search and select a primary client for signature request or add a new client.

  • Signature request
  • Select an existing file or upload a new file.

  • Signature request
  • Continue below.

Signature request from upload file window

  • Go to client vault.
  • Drag and drop or upload files to the client.

  • Signature request
  • At the upload window, notice client sharing and select Upload & Signature.

  • Signature request
  • Continue below.

Signature request from client vault

  • Goto client vault
  • Tick files for signature and click "Signature" at the top bar or
  • Tick signature column "(off)" and add other files later.

  • Signature request

Continue signature request.

  • File tab: review selected files, click add files.

  • Signature request
  • Select file from client vault or upload files

  • Signature request
  • Order of files is set up using up/down icons.

  • Signature request
  • Click next for recipients.
  • Add recipients if required.

  • Signature request
  • In case of multiple recipients, Select signature order type.

  • - No order means all signatures will receive a notification at the same time and sign as soon as possible.
    - Must sign in order means requests will be sent to users in the selected order. Clients will have no access to signature until it is their turn to sign
  • In case of ordered signature, setup order of recipients (top to bottom)

  • Signature request
  • At the position tab, located signature at documents.
  • Click a recipient name at the top and scroll down to the signature location.
  • Note files name in case of multiple files to assist with orientation in long documents. Page numbering is also by a document and the entire request.

  • Signature request
  • At Submit signature tab, setup signature request name and client notification.
  • Naming a signature request will assist clients in locating the request in case of login and multiple documents.
  • Signature reminder is sent after 7 days by default but can be altered at the bottom of the page.
  • The signature reminder content is a canned response and can be edited at Settings->Canned response->"Digital signature reminder". Reminders are recorded in the client->inbox->sent to clients page.

  • Signature request
  • Client notification will be sent to all clients in case of no order or by order of signature.

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