Four ways to get more from FACTS Online

Dedicated landing page and website integration

A dedicated login page has been set up for you, your clients and referral partners at our secure server. This page is your gateway to the application until you integrate FACTS Online to your website. It will also provide a secure backup for your integrated login in the future

Website integration

FACTS Online integrates seamlessly with your website to promote your brand and drive traffic to your website.

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Setup your branding

Setting up your logo and colour theme creates a seamless user experience for your client and referrals. Login to FACTS Online and click "Settings->Branding".

  • Upload your logo. A white background high-resolution logo is ideal. We can also help you with that. Send us an email or log a support request and attach your logo image.
  • We supply three base colour themes. However, using your brand/website primary colours is preferable.

Trial with your team and trusted network.

Nobody wants to test new software with their entire client base before they sure it's the right fit. Start using FACTS Online by inviting your team members and trusted network to the portal as clients to test key functionality before you go all in.

How to Invite a client:

  • Login to FACTS Online.
  • At the dashboard click "Add a client".
  • Enter client details and click "Save & Invite".
  • Continue to send client the invitation (you may edit a personal text).

Send a signature request

A digital signature facility is embedded into FACTS Online and backed by Global Sign.

How to send a signature request:

  • Login to FACTS Online.
  • At the dashboard click "Create a signature request".
  • Select a client from the list or click "Add a New Client".
  • Upload signature file (pdf or Word formats are preferred).
  • Select recipients. You may want to add yourself to test "2 to sign" document.
  • Set the signature location. Scroll through the document and mark signature locations. Note you can select which users sign using the dropdown at the top of the page.
  • Finally, edit and send a signature request.

Have feedback?

Your feedback can make a difference. Please send your feedback to our support channel

Need help?

Our team at FACTS Online is happy to help you with any issue related to this service. Please contact FACTS support if you need any help.

We hope FACTS Online will help you achieve your business goals and will help you work as a team with your clients.


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